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    75% higher Call Connect Rate
    Know the Best time to Call
    Array of Dialers to Choose from
    Multiple Dialing Strategies

    Automatic Call Distributor

    Manage incoming calls and route to agents based on IVR selection, working hours and agent skills to optimize caller’s experience

    Skills-Based Routing

    Match your caller requirement to the most qualified executive and transfer the call to same executive to ensure resolution in one call.


    Executive when present remotely can handle calls by forwarding option on mobile phones, landlines or SIP phone.

    Ring Groups

    Ring multiple agents at once to distribute the incoming calls in the manner that best suits your business needs.

    How will Call Center Software Help Your Business?

    A cloud auto dialer is an outbound dialing software that dials out leads automatically, hosting the dialing process on the cloud. Cloud-based auto dialer helps businesses maximize their productivity, reduce cost pressure, and yield better results simultaneously. Virtual auto dialer offers a feature-rich solution that is highly scalable and flexible.

    A cloud-based auto dialer solution intelligently dials out the numbers based on predefined rules, ensuring that maximum calls are dialed out in a stipulated time. Business verticals like BFSIs, EdTechs, Healthcare, Debt Collection, E-commerce, etc., use cloud auto dialer to reach a maximum number of customers/prospects.

    Features in Office Callextreme


    Leverage IVR features like custom announcements, TTS, and multi-level IVR. Start handling calls efficiently with cloud contact centre solutions queue management.

    Agent CTI

    With cloud telephony service start managing your agent CTI by using SMS and e-mail integrations along with insights from agent/call logs along with the sticky agent.

    Call Recording

    Cloud telephony provider starts managing your agent CTI by using SMS and e-mail integrations along with insights from agent/call logs along with the sticky agent.

    Call Routing

    Route your calls to various agents on the basis of the skills of an agent, priority of calls, and date/time order of calls with cloud contact center.

    ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)

    Distribute all your calls among the agents in a streamlined manner by using the cloud telephony services.

    Dialer Methods

    Get access to various dialer methods that will allow you to preview the contacts and also help the agents by predictive dialing with cloud based contact management.

    Survey and Feedback

    Gather feedback from your customers in an actionable manner by keeping them engaged. Start collecting feedback efficiently with cloud based contact management.

    Real-time Monitoring

    With our industry-best cloud telephony software tools and features, start using multiple handy features as you can monitor the operations in real-time.

    Custom Report and Dashboards

    Leverage our reporting and analytics tools for making informed decisions on the basis of insights from custom dashboards with cloud based telephony management.

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